I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech/Because I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach” – Drake on “Paris Morton Music

One of the reasons why Drake is one of my favorite artists is because his lyrics fuel my internal fire.  Even though I will never become a Grammy award winning artist, I can embody those lyrics into my own life and use them for motivation.  Tapping into people’s inner voice has made Drake a superstar.

Rediscover this feeling with some of the best deep cuts from Drake’s discography in this 24-track playlist. Featuring unreleased, mixtape, and deep album cuts, this “B-Sides” playlist will be the perfect compliment to Views.

Track List:

  1. Drake Feat. J. Cole – “Jodeci (Freestyle)”
  2. Drake Feat. Rick Ross – “Free Spirit”
  3. Drake – “Paris Morton Music” (“Aston Martin Music” Freestyle)
  4. Drake – “Fear”
  5. Drake – “Between Us”
  6. Drake – “Going In For Life”
  7. Drake Feat. Young Jeezy – “Unforgettable”
  8. Drake – “Good Night & Good Luck”
  9. Pimp C Feat. Drake & Bun B – “What Up”
  10. Drake – “5 AM in Toronto”
  11. Bun B Feat. Drake – “Put It Down”
  12. Drake – “Under Ground Kings”
  13. Drake – “Friends With Money”
  14. Drake – “November 18th”
  15. Drake Feat. Sampha – “The Motion”
  16. Drake – “Club Paradise”
  17. The Game Feat. Drake – “100”
  18. Drake Feat. Andreena Mill – “Closer”
  19. Drake – “Extra Special”
  20. Nickelus F Feat. Drake – “Number 15”
  21. Drake – “The Winner”
  22. Drake – “Star 67”
  23. SBTRKT Feat. Drake & Little Dragon – “Wildfire (Remix)”
  24. Juicy J Feat. Drake & Ty Dolla $ign – “Tryna F***”

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