The Mixtape is an important pillar in hip-hop culture. In the early days of hip-hop, the music only existed in live form, and the songs were spread via tapes of shows. Then the Mixtape evolved to being a free form of promotion to generate buzz for an artist’s official album release. Normally, these tapes would feature freestyles and tracks that wouldn’t make the official album. Needless to say, the Mixtape was not synonymous with album quality. But that all changed with the help of J. Cole (The Warm Up), Drake (So Far Gone), Kid Cudi (A Kid Named Cudi), and Wale (The Mixtape About Nothing). The quality of these free releases raised the bar for hip-hop music and we are still reaping those benefits today.

Looking at Wale’s The Mixtape About Nothing, a tribute to the classic sitcom, Seinfeld, each song title follows the format of each episode title. It was an incredibly creative way to present the music and on top of all listening to the tape all the way through was an incredibly cohesive and unique listening experience. The Mixtape About Nothing assisted Wale in generating an enthusiastic fan-base

The mixtape is a very important aspect of Wale’s artistry. The “About Nothing…” concept that originated in his mixtape release became the creative foundation for his last studio album, The Album About Nothing. Wale even got Jerry Seinfeld to be featured on the album.

Pay homage to Wale’s evolution as an artist with 19 of his best deep cuts from his mixtapes and studio albums.

Track List:

  1. Wale – “Don’t Hold Your Applause”
  2. Wale – “MMG/Under God/Heavenly People”
  3. Wale – The Cloud”
  4. Wale Feat. J. Cole & Melanie Fiona – “Beautiful Bliss”
  5. Wale – “The Power”
  6. Wale Feat. John Mayer – “Letter”
  7. Wale – The Black N Gold”
  8. Wale – “The Bloom (AG3)”
  9. Wale Feat. Meek Mill & Teedra Moses – “Running Rebels”
  10. Wale – “The Roots Song Wale Is On”
  11. Wale – “The Grown Up”
  12. Wale Feat. TCB – “Ice Cream Girl (Remix)”
  13. J. Cole Feat. Wale – “You Got It”
  14. Black Cobain Feat. Wale – “4 AM”
  15. Wale – “F*** You”
  16. Wale Feat. Kevin Cossom & Rick Ross – “Best Night Ever”
  17. Wale Feat. Jhene Aiko – “Cool Off”
  18. Wale – “88”
  19. Wale Feat. Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign – “Summer League”

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