Based in London, The Age of L.U.N.A. is a hip-hop group that will absolutely delight your eardrums. Why? Take a listen to their latest single “Freddie”. Rappers Butch Arkas and Kyote Noir provide inspirational, thought-provoking lyrics over a groovy 90’s hip-hop and jazz-influenced beat by producer NK-OK. The cherry on top is singer Daniella Thomas, who takes the track to a new level with her soulful vocals on the hook. The Age of L.U.N.A. exhibits this perfect combination of production, lyrics, and harmonies throughout their growing music catalog.

To give you a deeper understanding of The Age of L.U.N.A.’s fresh sound we recently sat down with Butch, Kyote, NK-OK, and Daniella to get a better understanding of where their passion for music began, how the group came together, and the development of their sound.

Sonic Selects (SS): What was the moment each of you found a passion for music?

Kyote: I found my love for rapping at a very young when I was about 10 and my brother found one of my lyric books and told me to keep going. When I got into high school I didn’t make the football team and no team would accept me because I was tiny and from there all I wanted to do was rap. As of late I’ve been getting into learning instruments and trying singing here and there because I want to be a full musician. I love being creative, so the more skills under my belt the more creative I can be.

SS: What did you grow up listening to?

Butch: I grew listening to a lot of hip-hop like Eminem, Tupac, Bad Boy Entertainment (The Notorious B.I.G, Puffy, and Mase), Jay-Z.

NK-OK: Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, N.E.R.D. However, OutKast changed my life because they shifted the culture of hip-hop.

SS: What was the moment when you decided to pursue music?

Kyote: I decided at 13/14 when I saw Chipmunk and Ice Kid on Westwood killing it at 16. That was enough for me to believe I can do it too.

SS: How did all of you meet? 

Daniella: I grew up with Butch, met Namali [NK-OK] through management and met Kyote at a party. The chemistry just fell into place.

SS: What does “Live Under No Authority” mean to you?

NK-OK: To me it means, the world is yours.

SS: What is your individual creative process?

Kyote: It’s a routine for me. I wake up, jog, have breakfast go to the gym come home and make music. That’s how I am able to create, I can’t do it feeling stressed and that’s my way of relief.

SS: I am really enjoying the sounds coming from the U.K. at the moment. There are a lot of artists that are blending so many genres together in a fresh new way. I can certainly hear a unique blend of soul, R&B, and hip-hop in your music.

Butch: Yes, it’s a good time for music; must say! Have you heard, James Vincent Mcmorrow’s new album? Incredible.

SS: Is that the sound you all intended to create when you all got together as a group?

Daniella: No not all that’s literally the sound that came out when we came together! Amazing!

SS: “Freddie” is the new single. How did this song come together? How did it build on the sound you’ve all created?

Kyote: NK-OK, killed that shit. I snapped when I heard, as you can hear [Laughs]. Incredible, and the rest followed up on it.

SS: I think all of you shine on this song. How did it feel when you released this track?

NK-OK: TAKE THAT…AND BITE IN SMALL DOSES. That’s how I felt when it was going out to the world.

SS: Finally, for someone who is hearing you for the first time, what should that expect to hear?

Butch: Great, fun, entertaining music.

Stream The Age of L.U.N.A.’s first mixtape

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