Izzy Bizu is the first artists we ever interviewed for Sonic Selects. It’s been an incredible experience to watch her grow from “White Tiger” to now opening up for Coldplay.

We want to revisit one of Izzy’s early tracks “Broken Man” off her first EP, CoolbeanzWhen we spoke Izzy about how her sound has evolved since Coolbeanz, she said, “The way music changes from person to person is tied to whatever is going on in their life. When I was doing the EP, I was fresh out of college and it was all very instant. I was in a park everything was so crazy and colorful.”

“Broken Man” is the last track on the EP and you can definitely hear the honest, melancholic lyrics that we’ve come to know from Izzy’s music.

Stream Izzy Bizu – “Broken Man”

“Broken Man” Lyrics

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