Sonic Selects favorite, Marc E. Bassy knows how to get the spring/summer season on the right track. His infectious vocals and tremendous beat selections are the perfect pairings with the warming weather.

His latest release “Rot Your Brain” gives us a soulful look into Bassy’s mind state while he scrolls through his Instagram feed.

Bassy provides an interesting perspective on getting sucked into social media with lines like: This about the time I realize where I’m at/It’s been 45 minutes/I’m still here on my back/I can’t stop looking/Shit is like crack/If I did take a break/Pornhub and a nap”.

This is just a taste of bigger things to come from the San Fransisco based singer-songwriter. To get a better sense of Marc E. Bassy’s artistry, check out his Stater Pack playlist, where we feature 10 of his best songs.

As a bonus, we want to share with you one of our favorite Marc E. Bassy tracks, “Having Fun”.

This track, in particular, showcases Bassy’s tremendous vocals and vivid storytelling. Dive in and enjoy these two incredible tracks.

Marc e. Bassy – “Rot Your Brain”

Marc E. Bassy – “Having Fun”

[Photo Credits Stereo Champions & Hip-Hop Magz]

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