The intro to NAO‘s debut For All We Know, “Into (Like Velvet)” is 37-seconds of audio bliss. The only downside is the track leaves you wanting more. Every time we play the track we can’t help but think want a full version would sound like.

Thankfully, UK hip-hop/grime artist Stormzy had the same thought. Stormzy sampled NAO’s intro on track number six “Velvet/Jenny Francis (Interlude)” from his debut album Gang Signs & Prayers.

Stormzy provided The Fader with an excellent track-by-track analysis for his entire album. He told The Fader of his decision to sample Nao’s track:

“I loved NAO’s album, and I remember hearing the intro, thinking, Oh my gosh, this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. I messaged her like, “Firstly your album’s incredible.” Then I said, “I want to sample this.” I wanted to make a R&B banger, and what better way to do it than with an artist that I love? And also she’s a British artist. That’s sick — we’re not sampling some fucking Mariah Carey or something. It’s someone who’s in my generation, someone happening.”

The end of the track features iconic UK radio DJ, Jenny Francis seamlessly transitions from the R&B influenced “Velvet” to the explosive “Mr. Skeng”. Speaking with Cracked Magazine Jenny Francis praised Stormzy as “the new generation.”

Check out what all the buzz is about by listening to his debut album Gang Signs & Prayers.


[Photo Credit Stefan Heinrichs]

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