It’s no secret Brandy is a Sonic Selects favorite. Her timeless sound glows on several of our playlists. One of our all-time favorites is her debut single “I Wanna Be Down“. Brandy’s vocals shine on the mid–tempo track produced by Keith Crouch.

Released in 1994, “I Wanna Be Down” still has replay value today. Producers like Grades, ATP, Rascal have all put their fresh take on the legendary track. Another producer who remixed Brandy’s track is UK producer wntr.

wntr’s remix is a nice contrast to the original song. Using some great guitar riffs, wntr creates a stripped down version of the track while still maintaining the integrity of the original.

We recently caught up with wntr to get his perspective on his remix and how “I Wanna Be Down” influenced his production style.

Sonic Selects (SS): What does Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” mean to you?

wntr: “I Wanna Be Down” was probably one of the first songs I heard in R&B and I fell in love with Brandy’s vocals instantly. This was when I started to build a rhythm way before I was even producing, so it means a lot.

SS: How did the track influence your production style?

wntr: Everything in that track was influential to me, from the drums (especially the drums) to the Rhodes and that gritty synth playing in the back, but most of all Brandy’s vocals.

SS: In your remix, how did you plan to put your own unique spin on it?

wntr; I’d had an acapella of “I Wanna Be Down” for ages. One day I was away from my studio, with my guitar and laptop. I started playing riffs over the acapella, and it evolved from there. I wanted to push it into a Neo-Soul sound but keep the old R&B style. So I fully stripped the song back and built around the guitar riff I made, with drums, bass, and the vocals.

Stream wntr’s remix to Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”

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