Tom Misch can do it all. The 21-year-old from London is a singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ. Every one of his tracks has a particular vibe that you can’t help but get lost in.

We were first introduced to Tom’s fresh sound on his Soulection White Label EP. The instrumental EP uses jazz samples and live instrumentation that Tom produced and recorded out of his bedroom. When describing the project Tom said, “Basically this EP is me attempting to make instrumentals that will effect people moods in a positive way.”

Tom Misch’s production combines jazz, hip-hop, and neo-soul to create a rich, smooth sound. You can hear the influence on one of his favorite producers, J Dilla within his music. Speaking with Dummy Magazine, Tom said of J Dilla’s influence, “One amazing thing about J Dilla’s work for me is that I hear the beat and I’m blown away, but then a few years later I often hear the original track he sampled, which this links so many styles of music together. I’ve some discovered amazing music through J Dilla.” (Bonus Playlist: Check out Tom Misch’s 10 Favorite J Dilla Beats).

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Tom embarked on two interesting projects that tested his production skills. The first being The Tom Misch Experiment documentary recorded by SBTV where he worked with Etta BondJacob BanksCrave Moore, and Jordan Rakei over a four-day stretch to create four original songs. The documentary video below provides a great look into Tom’s creative process.

Building on the success of The Tom Misch Experiment, Tom embarked on a 5 Day Mischon to create five original tracks in five days. Recorded in his bedroom, Tom worked with a bunch of talented young artists in a series of impromptu sessions. In an interview with the Independent Tom said of the project, “I’m working hard on my album but there will be a little wait so in the meantime I wanted to go back to my roots and create new songs and release them as quickly as possible, working with a few collaborators and musicians I really rate and just seeing what happens over the course of 5 days.”

Tom Misch’s most recent project Reverie EP features his songwriting and vocal abilities prominently alongside his smooth production. His first two major projects Beat Tape and Beat Tape 2 are excellent displays of Tom’s production but the Reverie EP is the first project where he puts a major focus on his vocals and songwriting. On tracks like “Follow” (featuring his sister Laura Misch on sax) and “I Wish” his vocals add a velvety smooth layer to his already top-notch production. His new single “South of the River” is another display of his impressive vocal ability. His vocals are the perfect pairing for the groovy track.

After hearing his growth over the past couple years one thing is for certain, the future is bright for Tom Misch.  We can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.

To give you a proper introduction to Tom Misch’s artistry we’ve compiled 12 incredible tracks from his growing music library in our latest Starter Pack playlist.

Starter Pack: Tom Misch

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